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At Presidio Computers, I take the time to learn about your specific computing needs, and focus my efforts on helping you become more comfortable using your computer. You will receive my individualized, attentive service from me.

Instructional Considerations

I was not born with a computer in my lap. I remember the time when I knew nothing about computers. Because of my humility, you will feel at ease as you learn how to use your computer.

I promise that I will respect your desire to learn. Instead of showing you how to do something, I will teach you how use your computer to accomplish the tasks that are important to you. Your agenda becomes my agenda. I focus on your needs.

Computers can be utilized to create documents such as letters and manuscripts, images such as greeting cards, custom music collections. I can help you learn these skills.

If you are a beginning computer user, who needs assistance such as learning how to use the keyboard or mouse, I will stand by your side. In addition to my onsite guidance, I can provide you with written instructions, so you can practice the skills you have learned, on your own, at a later time.

As your computer skills increase, I can help you customize your computer screen's appearance; listen to music, news, cultural and sporting events on your computer; confer with friends and colleagues.

Searching the internet is becoming an increasingly common use of the personal computer. With patience and understanding, I will assist you as you learn such skills as: searching for information ("surfing"); shopping; making travel plans; communicating with friends, family, and business associates using electronic mail (email).

For those of you who desire to learn advanced computer skills, I can show you how to perform many troubleshooting skills without removing the cover of your computer! Often, when a computer develops a problem, such as no sound, the cause is an improper setting, that can be easily and inexpensively resolved.
I can help you learn the computer skills you need.