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I took my first typing class in 1964. Prior to my first typing class, I did not know that the big key on the bottom row is the "space bar" key.

I first used a computer in 1995. Thus, it wasn't that long ago, in the great scheme of things, that I knew less than you know now. This is a round about way of saying that I can remember feeling puzzled and intimidated by computers.

Boot. Left click. Right click. Mouse. Window. Icon. Email. Virus. Why don't these people speak English?

I speak English, and I can help you understand computer terms and how to feel comfortable using your computer.

Whether you want to communicate with distant friends and relatives via email [ especially precocious grandchildren ]; compose a letter; or save, organize and retrieve files you have created, I am prepared to offer instruction in the privacy of your home or office.

I can offer guidance when you are in need of a new computer. I am prepared to help you understand the terminology [ ram, cpu, hard drive, modem, etc. ] you see in those computer advertisements.

Once you have purchased a computer and established an internet connection [ We can assist with that, too! ], I can help you reduce your risks from viruses, hackers and spyware.

There are a number of web sites available that act as dictionaries and encyclopedias of computer terms. The three sites to which I refer my students are:
Webopeia [ www.webopedia.com ]
About [ www.about.com/compute/ ]
What is [ www.whatis.com ]

If you learn better by reading a magazine, I recommend beginners subscribe to Smart Computing [ www.smartcomputing.com ]. They will send you a free copy of the current issue, so you can "try before you buy".

I grew up watching television. I am visually oriented. I learn better from books that have a lot of images. Thus, I recommend Ruth Maran's Windows __ __ Simplified series [ www.maran.com/website/catalog/simplified/index.html ]. Her books are available at bookstores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble.

In Tucson, there are two organizations at which I teach classes. The Tucson Computer Society [ www.aztcs.org ] offers classes and Special Interest Groups [ SIGs ]. At the Tucson Computer Society SIGs focus on particular aspects of computing. If you are new to computing, you may be interested in the New Users SIG.

I also teach classes at Oasis [ www.oasisnet.org/tuscon/index.htm ], sponsored by Robinsons May & Tucson Medical Center. Classes are held at the El Con Mall.

Free tutorials are available at a multitude of internet sites.


Microsoft maintains a web site dedictated to the use of each Microsoft product. If you go to support.microsoft.com/ph/1188, you can click on the name of the product about which you want to learn.

A particularly useful tutorial from Microsoft regards the use and customization of Internet Explorer 6. www.microsoft.com/enable/training/ie6/

I use Internet Explorer because Microsoft offers live technical support when one has problems with Internet Explorer. Online support is also available from a variety of sources, to include Microsoft [ support.microsoft.com/ph/2073 ].

For those of you who prefer to use Netscape or Firefox, online support is available. Netscape offers assistance at channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/default.jsp. Unofficial, online support for Netscape can be obtained at www.ufaq.org.

Online support for Mozilla's Firefox can be found at www.mozilla.org/support/.