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Presidio Computers offers the following network services:

  • Network Design and Configuration;
  • Network Installation and Setup; and,
  • Network Troubleshooting and Management.

Network Service Considerations

When 2 computers are situated relatively close to each other, the users often consider sharing the data stored on the computer, or a printer attached to one of the computers. This is the basic concept behind computer networks.

Through the use of a computer network, you can share any type of data, to include text files, images and sound files. Through the use of a computer network, you can access files on your computer, when you are in another part of your home or office. More than one computer user, if connected to the network, can use a printer that is not attached directly to that user's computer. It is even possible to access a computer when you are physically away from the building in which the computer is located!

If you have connected to the internet, you have utilized a computer network. The internet is the world's largest computer network. It is a client - server type of network, which is discussed below.

An increasingly popular home application of networks is the use of interactive computer games. Test your skills against those of your friends!

Networking, as I have described above, requires some specific hardware and software, all of which can be installed quickly and at a low cost.

Each computer, connected to the network needs a network card (aka network adapter card, network interface card, NIC, ethernet card), usually installed inside your computer. The type of network card used is determined by the type of network you want to use. You can connect some types of network cards directly, with coaxial cable. This coaxial cable is similar to, but NOT the same as, the type of coaxial cable used for cable television.

Faster data transfer can be obtained with the use of a hub. A hub is an electronic box into which you plug cables from each computer on the network.

Improvements in wireless technology now provide opportunities to connect computers without the use of cables. Wireless technology is not appropriate where security is a concern.

Network types include "peer to peer" and "client - server". In a peer to peer network, each computer is equal to every other computer on the network. One computer may offer different programs or hardware, but no computer is the boss. This is the easiest type of network to setup.

On a client-server network, one or more computers are in charge of giving out, or "serving" programs and services. A server may serve as a storage area for a database. It may house a word processing program (such as Microsoft's Word, or Corel's Word Perfect). It may send and receive email messages. It may provide your network's connection to the internet.

By utilizing our network services, you can increase the efficiency and enjoyment of personal computer users in your business and home.

Presidio Computers focuses its network skills on networks that have ten or fewer computers. However, we will discuss your networking needs on networks of any size.

We look forward to discussing your network needs with you.