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Presidio Computers can assemble (build) for you the system of your choice. I do not have systems already designed. I don't have a list of stock components. I can, however, recommend components from a wide variety of component manufacturers. I prefer to meet with my customers at their home or office, so that I can understand your needs first hand. After meeting with you, at your home or office, listening to what you have to say and answering your questions, we will discuss the uses for which you intend to use your computer. Based on those conversations, I will provide you with a selection of components and their prices. You will then be able to make an informed decision. The final decision is made by you, not by Presidio Computers.

The cost of the PC depends on the components you select. I believe that you get what you pay for. Generally, higher quality components perform better and cost more than components made with lower quality standards. However, spending a lot of money for a computer does not guarantee that the computer will be satisfactory to you. That's one reason I listen to the needs you describe, and provide you with the opportunity to select the components. I want you to be satisfied. I will do everything I can to ensure your satisfaction. I guarantee our work and service what we sell.

Similarly, the choice of software to be installed needs to be an informed decision, made by you, the computer user.

For example, Microsoft's current operating system [ the main program on your computer ], Windows XP, is available in 3 versions, Home, Professional and Media Center. There are even more versions of Windows Vista. I will help you select the operating system you need.

There are advantages of buying a computer from Presidio Computers, instead of from a computer manufacturer that builds millions of computers a year.

First, your computer is built specifically for you and your computer needs.

Second, the parts used to build your computer are available from almost any computer repair shop; large computer manufacturers often use parts that are designed specifically for their computer lines; parts that are often available ONLY from the large computer manufacturer.

Third, if you need help with your computer, you know the person, ME, who built the computer; and when you call me for assistance, you don't have to wait on hold for a long time.

Finally, you receive an authentic Windows CD, which can be required to fix repair. Many large computer manufacturers don't supply you with an authentic Windows CD. Instead they sell you, at an additional fee, a "system recovery" disk that will erase your data. Or they tell you how to create a system recovery disk; leaving this task for you.