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While mechanical failures in a PC do occur, they are rare.  Computers have few moving parts. When we retrieve and store data, the disks rotate
and the heads move across the disks. The fans spin to keep the PC cool. Those are the only internal moving parts. The mouse and keyboard have internal springs and the mouse typically has a ball on the bottom and perhaps a wheel on top. That's it.

Computers have 2 basic components, hardware and software. The hardware is the stuff you and I can see and touch. The software is the 0's (zeros) and 1's (ones) that tell the hardware what to do. Sometimes, those 0's and 1's become scrambled. That is called software corruption. (A fancy term for a basic concept.) Working together, the hardware and software allow us to compute.

When a computer stops functioning properly, the problem can be hardware or software related.  Determining which is the culprit can be challenging and time consuming. If, for example, your computer stops producing sound, the cause may be an incorrect setting, or the electronic
circuitry responsible for producing the sound may have failed. If the problem has been caused by a software problem, installing a new sound card will not fix the problem.

Our troubleshooting and repair skills are based on years of experience working as operating system support technicans, as well as building and repairing computers for ourselves and others. Additionally, we regularly attend seminars and conferences, so we can keep up to date on the
latest hardware and software developments. Rapid advancements in the personal computer industry make the hottest system today the average system tomorrow.

Computer users upgrade their PCs for a number of reasons.  New computer components become available frequently. Optical mice (those that use a light on the bottom to sense position, instead of a ball on the bottom) are gaining popularity. Processors and hard disk drives are becoming faster. Word processing gives way to computer illustration or other graphic intensive tasks such as playing games. Computer gaming, by the way, has been a driving force, and continues to drive the computer industry to create faster processors and ram, video cards with built in ram, and audiophile sound systems. All computer users have benefited from these advances.

For whatever reason you choose to upgrade your PC, Presidio Computers is prepared to offer you the same dedication we offer to customers who order a custom PC from us. Again, the final decision is your to make. We are prepared to discuss your needs, offer you a list of components and their prices, and make the necessary changes. And, of course, your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Note: never underestimate the ability of a computer virus or spyware [ as a group, referred to as "malware" [ malicious sofware ] ] to cause any computer malfunction!

Malware cannot cause physical damage to computer hardware, but the malware can damage [ corrupt, in computer parlance ] the software [ device driver ] that enables the hardware to communicate with the other parts of your computer. Without a device driver, neither your mouse, keyboard nor any other part of your computer would function.